Interregnum Update News

'Interregnum' - What's that all about and does it involve me?

As we say our farewells to Irene and Tom and wish them well in their move to the Isle of Man, we naturally turn our minds to the next phase for Emmanuel church.


This phase with an unusual description called the interregnum, meaning an interval between the office of two incumbents in a parish, provides an opportunity to reflect, take a breather, and be part of an exciting and emerging picture for the future of our church.


In a recent newsletter Irene provided a brief outline as to the legal framework for the parish during the interval, explaining this responsibility will be overseen by our wardens, Sue and Paul together with the PCC. 


'What does the interval mean for you and are we all involved?'

We thought it would  be helpful to have an update each month in 'The Bridge' Parish Magazine to explain what is happening in the process to replace Irene. Suffice to say, at this stage in officially only entering the interval or interregnum from 28th January 2018 this initial period is a time for reflection and prayer and we encourage you all to take the opportunity to pray. 


Our PCC met recently to start the process of reflection by considering the strengths and weaknesses of our parish. A summary of these will be shared with the congregation soon and please be encouraged to share your thoughts too with our wardens and PCC members.


There are several stages in the process to finding a replacement for Irene which involves working closely with the wider church community including our deanery mission and pastoral team. So, not all the decision making is entirely in our hands. This team have the responsibility for recommending to the Diocese the type of replacement appropriate for Emmanuel church within our deanery and, are due to meet in the next couple of months to make their decision. Please pray for this team over the coming weeks and months.


The Bridge will be updating you all next month and in the meantime please keep our Wardens, the PCC and the whole church in your prayers.